A Sustainable Way to Shop

Jeans on Rack


Over-consumption is at the root of our climate crisis. Everything we buy has an environmental impact. According to the World Bank, 40% of clothing purchased in some countries is never used.

Studies show that increasing the lifespan of clothing by 9 months longer will eliminate its environmental impacts by anywhere between 20% and 30% compared to buying new. 

Some of our most popular clothing items are the hardest on the environment. The UN estimates that a single pair of jeans requires a kilogram of cotton. Cotton tends to be grown in dry environments. So producing a kilo of cotton requires about 7,500–10,000 liter of water. That’s about 10 years worth of drinking water for one person.

It is true that the big changes needed to greatly impact climate change have to be implemented by manufacturers and the large companies that control the fashion industry. But consumers have the power to make change. Being thoughtful in the way we shop and participating in sustainable behaviors add up and can drive the change in the fashion industry.


Sources: Can fashion ever be sustainable? 



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